Fnatic Announce PLAY RaidCall Cup #2

Posted by Andrei "procyonlotor" Filote at 02 July 2012 20:45

Fnatic's second PLAY RaidCall Cup will feature SC2 and will be open to all participants. 128 players will have to chance to win a 300 dollar prize, out of a total prize pool of 600. This is Fnatic's fourth Starcraft 2 tournament of 2012 and their second open competition.

Set to begin on the July 5th, the tournament will be single elimination best of one up to the round of four, from where matches will be played in best of three format. The finals will be best of five, to be played July 6th. The event will be casted by Kevin "Katu" Albert on

Prize Pool:

1st place: 300 dollars
2nd place: 200 dollars
3rd place: 100 dollars

Map Pool:

GSL Bel’shir Beach (Winter)
GSL Entombed Valley
GSL Antiga Shipyard
ESV Ohana
GSL Daybreak
GSL Metropolis
ESV Cloud Kingdom

For a more detailed view of the tournament, its registration process and play schedule see: this link.