OSL non-KeSPA preliminaries complete

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 02 July 2012 16:05

All twelve preliminary groups for the new season of the OGN Starleague were played out today and we have our winners. MarineKing, Oz, Symbol and Parting are just few of the names that made it through.

The sixteen players listed below will represent the non-KeSPA part of the player base in 2012 OSL Season 1. Mvp, MC and NesTea were seeded as the best representatives of each race based on overall results from GSLs and open tournaments and DRG got a seed for being the most consistent player in recent events. The remaining twelve come as the winners of each group.

Seeded players
Korea Mvp
Korea NesTea
Korea MC
Korea DongRaeGu

Qualified players
Korea San
Korea Symbol
Korea MarineKing
Korea Seal
Korea Min
Korea Byun
Korea YuGiOh
Korea Vampire
Korea Coca
Korea Oz
Korea Parting
Korea Sniper

The new season of the OSL is to start this month but no date has yet been set for it or for the KeSPA qualifiers.

Source: Team Liquid