Hero, Ret, Taeja among the first Assembly Summer invites

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 02 July 2012 15:30
ASUS ROG have announced the first eight players that will travel to Helsinki, Finland for Assembly Summer 2012 in August 2-4.

Naama is the only person in this patch that did not receive his spot via invite request but is given one due to his Vectorama 2012 LAN victory over Welmu. The remaining players are Liquid's trio Ret, Hero and Taeja; Ai's Cytoplasm who recently made an amazing DH Open Summer run, defeating Puma, Dragon and Morrow; Ukraine's strongest terran Kas; the WCS champion of Germany Socke; and Finland's PvP maestro Elfi.

First invited players
Netherlands Ret
Korea HerO
Korea Taeja
Ukraine Kas
Germany Socke
Sweden Cytoplasm
Finland Naama
Finland Elfi

Twenty four more players - both invites and qualifier winners - will be announced in the next few weeks to fill the 32-player $30,000 tournament.

Source: Team Liquid