Sapphire Technology and EG with giveaways during this weekend's MCSL

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 28 June 2012 20:56

sapphire-giveaway.jpgWith this weekend's Master's Cup Series League coming into playoffs, Sapphire Technology will run a "Manic Weekend giveaway".

The team league cup, hosted by Evil Geniuses, is coming to a close this weekend. SlayerS, compLexity, Fnatic and Mousesports will go at it in the brackets, and one of the league sponsors, Sapphire Technology will be doing a giveaway on their Facebook page. So make sure to head over to and like their page and keep your eyes open for giveaways.

The contests will be held between June 30 - July 1. Prizes you can win are an EDGE HD3 mini PC, an HD 7870 GHz Edition graphics card or one of ten Team EG Jabba t-shirts.

Manic Weekend giveaway with SAPPHIRE Technology and Team EG

This weekend (June 30th - July 1st), during the Starcraft II MCSL Season 7 playoffs, SAPPHIRE Technology will run a Manic Weekend giveaway with Team EG on Facebook. EDGE HD3 mini PC, HD 7870 GHz Edition graphics card or one of ten Team EG Jabba t-shirts are in the prize pool. A teaser about the giveaway is available at

Manic Weekend with Team EG is a special edition of SAPPHIRE’s Manic Monday giveaway series. To enter the giveaway, go to and visit the EG Manic Weekend application. Answer the question presented by Evil Geniuses’ ‘Machine’ and submit your entry. From the group of correct entries, 12 winners will be randomly selected. The contest will close on July 1 st 11:59PM PDT.

MCSL (Master’s Cup Series League - is hosted by the Team EG StarCraft 2 league. The MCSL has grown to become one of the world’s most prestigious online leagues for professional gamers. This year’s series will be settled this weekend between four teams (SlayerS, Mousesports, Complexity and Fnatic).

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