Millenium signs an old MBCGame Starleague champion

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 27 June 2012 22:56
ogsfin-270.jpgThe former StarCraft: Brood War professional Park "fOrGG" Ji Soo, known for playing StarCraft 2 under the nickname "Fin" has put pen to paper to team up with French organization Millenium.

The Terran player therefore teams up with countryman and Terran buddy Jeon "Dragon" Yong Soo in the organization. fOrGG plans on joining his new colleagues at the Millenium team house in France as soon as possible.

Millenium's newest Terran has been a constant in the GSL since November 2011. The former MBCGame Starleague StarCraft: Brood War champion is locked against Quantic's TheStC in the GSL Code A Round of 32, a match set to be played some time in July.

- "Millenium is a prestigious team that houses players like the world-renowned Stephano. I also chose this team because I think it will also be easy for me to adapt to the team since there is a fellow Korean player, Dragon," fOrGG stated on the team website.

fOrGG was last seen playing for Old Generations before the organization disbanded.