Puma, MC, HuK in the NASL 3 quarter finals

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 25 June 2012 12:46

Played out last night was the Ro16 of the North American Starleague Season 3. In three weeks, the eight best will fly to Toronto, Canada for the grand finals.

Ret, HuK and Stephano were the three foreigners that made it to the quarter finals but only the French had it somewhat easier, beating Beastyqt 3-0. HuK had to do a reverse kill on Ganzi after being down 0-2; and Ret versus Demuslim was the embodiment of the EG/Liquid rivalry with both players constantly trading sets until the zerg came out ahead. Ret's teammate - the PvZ killer HerO - also had to fight for dear life and pull out a 3-2 comeback against Ryung to take his place among the top eight.

The other three protosses in the QFs reached them without much trouble. Puzzled trampled ROOT's protoss TT1, MLG Anaheim runner-up Alicia eliminated SEn and MC went through ex-GosuGamers player Galaxy, who came to the playoffs through the open tournament.

NASL 3 playoffs
Round of 16
Korea Puzzle3-0Canada TT1
United Kingdom DeMuslim2-3Netherlands Ret
Korea Alicia3-1Taiwan Sen
Canada HuK3-2Korea Ganzi
Korea Puma3-2Korea Alive
Korea MC3-1Korea Galaxy
France Stephano3-0Serbia Beastyqt
Korea Hero3-2Korea Ryung
Quarter finals [July 14th]
Korea PuzzleVSNetherlands Ret
Korea AliciaVSCanada Huk
Korea PumaVSKorea MC
France StephanoVSKorea HerO

With those results in mind, the NASL 3 quarter finals promise to be an exciting show. By beating Alive, Puma kept his hope for a third NASL title burning but he is playing his oldest rival MC in the next round. Just below them are Stephano and Hero, arguably the two best PvZers on the scene as of today.

The grand finals will take place July 14-15th in Toronto, Canada.