2012 GSL Code S Ro16 groups announced

Posted by Julian "hattfatt" Koch at 23 June 2012 13:42

With ThorZain taking only third in his group, NaNiwa is the only foreigner advancing. And as the reigning champion Mvp marches on, only four Zergs find themselves in the top 16.

Since he has the highest GSL score, Mvp got to pick Taeja as his first partner in Group A. They are joined by viOLet and Seed. Group B, arguably the currently strongest of them, features Symbol, who is on an insane GSTL winning streak, last year’s finalist Squirtle and Protoss superstar MC as well as Prime’s powerhouse MarineKing. In Group C we see the Swedish hopeful NaNiwa, Genius, recently departed from his former team MVP, and the two, less prominent Terrans ByuN and Keen. The two Zerg gods DongRaeGu and NesTea find themselves in Group D, alongside Ryung and SuperNoVa.

2012 GSL Code S Ro16
Group AGroup B
Korea MvpKorea Squirtle
Korea TaejaKorea Symbol
Korea viOLetKorea MarineKing
Korea SeedKorea MC
Group CGroup D
Korea GeniusKorea DongRaeGu
Sweden NaNiwaKorea Ryung
Korea KeenKorea SuperNoVa
Korea ByuNKorea NesTea

Groups A and B kick off on June 27th and 28th repsectively, with the other two following the week after.