GGA Cup #5 tonight at 19:00 CET

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 21 June 2012 02:11

On June 6th, the GGA Cup had its first non-Korean qualifier winner in the Bulgarian zerg Giantt. Today, the tournament returns to the EU sever to see if another worthy foreigner can make the grand final cut.

The first European GGA Cup qualifier hit the streams with players like Noticimus, Qxc and returning champion TSL_Revival. The crusade of the Korean zerg towards a second championship, however, was put to a halt by the underdog story of Giantt, who took out Revival 2-1 in the final match. His feat awarded him a place at the grand final line-up and the chance to play alongside the best in the business.

GGA Cup Grand Final Invites

Sweden EG.Thorzain
Poland mouz.Mana
Ukraine mTw.Dimaga
Korea coL.Ganzi
Korea coL.Heart
United States ROOT.Vibe
United States GoSu.Stx
Finland aL.Naama
Sweden Dignitas.Sjow
Korea Dignitas.Select
Ukraine Tt.WhiteRa
Korea xSix.Sleep
United States xSix.Mystik
Korea Fnatic.Alive
Korea Fnatic.ByuL

Qualified players
Korea TSL_Revival (GGA Cup #1)
Korea TSL_Inori (GGA Cup #2)
Korea TSL_Hyun (GGA Cup #3)
Bulgaria QnkGiantt (GGA Cup #4)

As the spots for the second European qualifier are being filled, we impatiently await who will become the next GGA champion and be seated among the best 32.

GGA Cup #5: Tune in!
June 21st, 19:00 CET!

GGA Cup thus far

Giantt emerges as GGA Cup #4 Winner
TSL's hat-trick and GGA Cup #3 Highlights
GGA Cup #2 Highlights
Inori wins over Bischu in the GGA Cup #2
Revival wins GGA Cup #1
GGA Cup #1 replays
VIDEO: GGA Cup #1 part 1
VIDEO: GGA Cup #1 part 2

So someone finally did it - Giantt broke the Korean spree. We bet he's not the only one capable of such feat so prove it to us that we are not wrong.