Mana towers over Dimaga, claims the DreamHack Summer championship

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 19 June 2012 02:19

Polish protoss Grzegorz "MaNa" Komincz gets crowned champion of DreamHack EIZO Open Summer as he outplays Dimaga's ling/baneling style and scores a 3-1 victory. His prizes are 100,000 SEK and a direct seed to DreamHack Winter at the end of November.

Mana took a comfortable 2-0 lead after punishing Dimaga's gameplay with a 2-base timing attack on Ohana and repelling Ukrainian's low-econ ling/baneling aggression on Cloud Kingdom. Dimaga returned one set after his banelings found a lucky crack in Mana's forcefields in game three but another muscular timing attack - this time lead by archons and a platoon of zealots - forced the zerg into typing the decisive GG.

Both finalists will be seeded directly into the final 2012 DreamHack event in November 22-25.

DreamHack EIZO Open Summer standings
1. Poland Mana, 100.000 SEK
2. Ukraine Dimaga, 50.000 SEK
3-4. Ukraine Fraer, 25.000 SEK
3-4. France Stephano, 25.000 SEK
5-8. Sweden Naniwa
5-8. Sweden Sase
5-8. Poland Nerchio
5-8. Korea Hero

DreamHack will be taking a three-month break, returning in September 22-23 with the third stop of the 2012 DH Open in Valencia, Spain.