Terran-less quarter finals at DreamHack Summer

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 18 June 2012 18:35
With 20-0 in sets, Liquid`Hero might very well be on his way to a flawless championship

Three rounds before the end, DreamHack finds itself full of protoss and zerg players as Stephano, Nerchio and Hero eliminated the last three terrans in Keen, BratOK and Taeja.

DH Summer Ro16 results
France Stephano2-1Korea Keen
Poland Nerchio2-1Russia BratOK
Korea Hero2-0Korea Taeja
Poland Mana2-0Sweden Cytoplasm
Sweden Naniwa2-0Russia Slivko
Ukraine Dimaga2-0Finland Protosser
Sweden Sase2-1Netherlands Ret
Ukraine Fraer2-1Netherlands Harstem

The Ro16 of DH Summer began with a high-octane series between Nerchio and BratOK and the Russian was able to make an incredible comeback in the first game after being battered down for more than thirty minutes by the zerg horde. Unfortunately for him, however, Nerchio proved to be the stronger player here and came out victorious in the end.

Even more impressive play was shown by Quantic's Sase, who eliminated Ret in a dramatic third set. Being down almost twice in supply, Sase fought his way to a 2-1 win with perfect forcefields and exemplary immortal control. Stephano and Fraer were also rewarded with 2-1's against their opponents Keen and Harstem and Stephano will finally meet Nerchio, something that the Polish zerg has long desired.

The rest of the matches were much more straightforward as Hero, Mana, Naniwa and Dimaga trampled their enemies with 2-0. Especially impressive is Hero's run thus far who although having to face a team-mate of his and one of the most deadly terrans in the world, is still undefeated in the tournament with a total score of 20-0 in sets. Hero will be playing Mana in the quarter finals and then, should he advance, the winner of Stephano and Nerchio.

DH Summer Ro8
France StephanoVSPoland Nerchio
Korea HeroVSPoland Mana
Sweden NaniwaVSUkraine Dimaga
Sweden SaseVSUkraine Fraer

The games are currently live here.