DreamHack Summer playoffs around the corner

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 18 June 2012 13:41
Photo by: Definitive eSports

The final day of DreamHack Summer is upon us. 16 players are left and in one single elimination bracket time, the best of them will go home 100,000 SEK richer.

Harsh were the trials in group stage #3 which completed last night and many tournament favorites bit the dust as the underdogs crawled out to take their places in the playoffs.

The EG trio of HuK, Thorzain and Puma walked the path of the eliminated with the reigning DreamHack champion performing the worst of the three. Placed in a group with Protosser, Fraer and Ziktomini, the Swede took just one 2-1 victory against the latter, finishing with the aggregate 2-5 in sets. Puma, who opened his group with a 0-2 loss against Fraer, had a real chance of advancing after seemingly having figured out Cytoplasm's style, but the bane busts of the zerg were too powerful for the Korean. To close the group, Puma took a parting victory against Vampire but without any meaning - Fraer and Cytoplasm had already topped the group and Puma failed to reach the playoffs of a second DH in a row.

Of all EG players, HuK was closest to advancing. His 2-1 victories against Morrow and Slivko put him for a short time at the top of the group but his final match against Stephano played him a cruel jape. The Frenchman trampled the protoss 2-0, put him at 4-4 in maps and pushed him down to third place thanks to having won less sets than Slivko.

DH Summer Ro16
France StephanoVSKorea Keen
Poland NerchioVSRussia BratOK
Korea HeroVSKorea Taeja
Poland ManaVSSweden Cytoplasm
Sweden NaniwaVSRussia Slivko
Ukraine DimagaVSFinland Protosser
Sweden SaseVSNetherlands Ret
Ukraine FraerVSNetherlands Harstem

All eyes are set on the "little" names that made it to the top 16. Harstem, Protosser and Cytoplasm played beautifully in the first two days and are responsible for the eliminations of Puma, Bly, Naugrim, Merz, qxc, Lalush and Dragon. Cytoplasm has been a beast in ZvT but now he's facing Mana in the Ro16. Luckily for the Swede, ZvP is statistically his best match-up so a quarter final spot is not out of the question.

Much harder are the tasks of Protosser and Harstem. The Fin is playing against Dimaga, someone famous for his ZvZ prowess and being the first one to defeat NesTea in a televised match. Harstem, on the other hand, has the volatile protoss mirror ahead of him and Fraer will enter the match-up with far greater tournament experience than the Dutch.

The rest of the playoffs is nothing short than a war between gods. Stephano is going against Keen, Hero and Taeja are facing each other in a Liquid team-kill, the hot from MLG Anaheim Sase meets Ret, Naniwa will be looking forward to a very likely win against Slivko and Nerchio will cross swords with BratOK, who has upgraded his play tenfold since his last NASL 3 matches.

Overall, it will surely be a culling for the ages. With DH Summer being the death of many a champion, renown and previous achievements mean nothing once the players reach the Ro16 sift.

The trial for the 100,000 SEK comes in less than an hour!