GIGABYTE ESPORTS LAN kicks off tonight

Posted by Julian "hattfatt" Koch at 15 June 2012 12:15

This weekend is pure bliss for StarCraft 2 fans as two major offline events compete for our attention. One of them is the GIGABYTE ESPORTS LAN in Southern California.

The hardware manufacturer gathers some of the more prominent American players as well as well as some extremely promising Koreans in the SoCal area, Pomona specifically, in a 24 player tournament for a total prize pool of $11,000.

The invitees find themselves in four six-player round robin groups, of which only four player will move on to the single-elimination brackets. No extended series will be played further down the bracket. Every game up until the quarterfinals will be best of 3, semifinals best of 5, and grand finals best of 7.

Presented by the group of casters involving Gwin, DoA Thundertoss, Azael, Zoia, Axeltoss, JoRoSaR and the two lovely hosts Rachel ‘Seltzer’ Quirico and Tricia ‘Megumixbear’ Sugita in a hall that holds up to 850 people.

Korea Hwangsin Serbia BeastyqtKorea viOLet
United States InsurUnited States STXUnited StatesMystik
United States Axslav United Kingdom DeMusliMUnited States Machine
United States Caliber United States theognisKorea Sleep
Korea AliciaUnited States IllusionKorea Monster
Korea TAiLSUnited States KawaiiRice United States Daisuki
Korea InoriKorea ClideKorea Golden
United States Rhythm Korea Ryung -
- Korea Dream -

Looking at this line up, we will soon realize that it would a huge upset if none of the Koreans grab the winner’s $5,000. Then again, it would probably be a small surprise if any of the North Americans even take a top 3 spot. Arguably the best chances to do so are in the hands of DeMusliM, who can put on unexpectedly good performances against supposedly stronger players, as he has shown before. Axslav and Illusion can also fight back decently when in good shape. It will, of course, take their very best to move past viOLet, who has been sweeping the floors with his opponents in many events recently, and Alicia, who is set to make his trip to the US all the more worthwhile after taking second at MLG Anaheim. While these are considered the top favorites, we should not forget other very good players, that foreigners would have to beat to get into the high prizes. Like Dream. Or Sleep. Or Monster. Or Inori. Or TAiLS. You get my drift.

Live group drawings begin at 10 am PST (7 pm CET), and the tournament starts two hours later.

Link: Official Website