DongRaeGu wins MLG Spring Championship

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 11 June 2012 06:43

"Cool shit" answered DongRaeGu to the question how does it feel to win yet another MLG Championship. Arguably the best zerg in the world sailed through SlayerS' Alicia 3-1 to pocket the $25,000 first prize money.

After exiting his group stage dropping just one series to Socke, DongRaeGu enjoyed a smashing championship bracket, beating Puma and MarineKing to the dirt before claiming the Spring Championship trophy in an exciting series against Alicia. Opening with the "Nice work, Alicia, now you can go home" taunt, DongRaeGu won game one which passed under the theme of nexuses being raided to death. Alicia tried to respond by going DR but the gas investment didn't pay off and the protoss was overrun.

Steady and patience defence won Alicia the second game on Cloud Kingdom, but that would be his only grand final victory. A roach surround on Metropolis and a six-pool into a proper late-game on Tal'darim Altar later, and DongRaeGu stormed out of his booth smiling, shook Alicia's hand in respect and accepted his reward under the deafening cheers of the crowd.


MLG Spring Championship Standings
1. Korea DongRaeGu, $25.000
2. Korea Alicia, $15.000
3. Korea MarineKing, $9.000
4. Sweden Sase, $5.500
5-6. France Stephano, $3.500
5-6. Korea Puma, $3.500
7-8. Korea Polt, $2.250
7-8. Korea Inori, $2.250

Photos from the MLG/WCS/KeSPA weekend