TongFu claim a slot in tomorrow's Grand Finals

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 09 June 2012 19:03

It took under an hour of game time for Chinese powerhouse TongFu to clear up Aeon in the Winner's Bracket finals. The Singaporean team will now play WE for a slot in tomorrow's grand finals match which is played best out of five.

TI'12 East Qualifiers
Game 1

Singapore AeonChina TongFu
invoker dark seer queen of pain
lycanthrope leshrac broodmother
crystal maiden beastmaster
dragon knight clinkz
natures prophet enchantress vengeful spirit
windrunner chen morphling
death prophet anti mage
venomancer night stalker

Aeon's signature roaming Prophet as well as a smoked up Vengeful Spirit and Enchantress were able to net the team early kills on Windrunner as well as Night Stalker. Towers took a fall on both sides as a Roshan attempt by TongFu was immediately spotted by Aeon at 15 minutes.

The Singaporean team however could not stop TongFu from getting the Aegis as Vengeful Spirit and Prophet got picked off in the subsequent team fight. The Aegis was placed on Night Stalker and TongFu continued taking Aeon's towers until all outer towers were down for Aeon at 20 minutes.

A gank on Anti-Mage and Prophet at 26 minutes gave the second Roshan to TongFu as they confidently went for mid barracks at 28 minutes - their gold lead gave them no trouble at all claiming it and Aeon had no choice but to concede. The game ended 5-19 in TongFu's favor as the last push at 34 minutes claimed both bottom and top barracks.

TI'12 East Qualifiers
Game 2

China TongFuSingapore Aeon
natures prophet windrunner leshrac
invoker lycanthrope dark seer
death prophet shadow shaman
morphling broodmother
queen of pain venomancer enchantress
chen dragon knight earthshaker
brewmaster puck
tinker pugna

The second game was looking much like a repeat of the first with a well-played Enchantress getting early kills on Pugna and Tinker through tower dives. At 15 minutes, TongFu was already very much ahead with a 7500 gold advantage and a 10-2 kill score in their favor. They had, by then, claimed three towers to Aeon's zero.

With Aeon struggling to defend their last outer tower (a tier 2 mid tower) at 23 minutes, aggressive blinks by Brewmaster and Puck gave them no chance to defend their last outer tower. Tinker later only completed his Boots of Travel at 24 minutes.

TongFu were quick to take mid barracks at 29 minutes, and with their massive 20,000 gold advantage, they easily took out top as well. Aeon recognized the battle as a lost one and called the GG - TongFu take the second game with a kill lead of 33-7.

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