GD Studio Arena 2 on June 3rd

Posted by Julian "hattfatt" Koch at 02 June 2012 16:32

This Sunday the GD Studio is going to host a small 4 player tournament with $1000 for the winner. Stephano, HuK, Bomber and Illusion battle it out to take it all.

All matches until the final will be best of 5 with the final being best of 7. The games are cast by 2GD and Apollo and will feature the two players that earned second and third at the Red Bull Battlegrounds respectively, Bomber and Stephano, long-time Protoss powerhouse HuK and American up-and-comer Illusion. Starting at 7 pm this Sunday, you will be able to watch the matches on GD Studio’s own channel.

The map pool is as follows:
Dual Sight
Antiga Shipyard
Cloud Kingdom
Entombed Valley
Atlantis Spaceship

Source: TL thread, GD Studio Stream