Blizzard skips E3 again, will show at Gamescom

Posted by Eyal "KOKOStern" Stern at 01 June 2012 19:40
With E3 2012 opening it's doors very soon it is confirmed that Blizzard will skip it for the fifth year in a row. However several other treats have surfaced around the web.

The last time Blizzard showcased anything at E3 was at 2007. At the end of that year, the merge between Activision and Blizzard was finalized and the showcasing in E3 was neglected to put more emphasis on Blizzcon, the company's unique convention held since 2005.

Earlier this year Blizzard announced that there will be no Blizzcon in 2012 and with no appearance at E3 it seems Blizzard has completely gone off the radar. This is understandable as the company has a lot on it's hands with the release of Diablo 3. Despite these announcements, it appears Blizzard does plan on attending Gamescom this year. The community will have to wait for mid August (15.8-19.8) to get their update fix.

Source: MCV

To compensate for the lack of interesting updates, here's some cool stuff from around the web:

Tricia Helfer, voice of Kerrigan for StarCraft II, posted a picture on Twitter of herself, Robert Clotworthy, voice of Jim Raynor, and James Harper, voice of Arcturus Mengsk.

Source: Tricia Helfer's Twitter

What seems to be a 1:1 replica of the mighty Queen of Blades has made it to Blizzard offices in Versailles, France. This design was last seen at a previous Blizzcon and features incredible attention to detail (click images to enlarge).


Source: Alexander Ipfelkofer's Flicker