Copenhagen Wolves disband

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig 2 years, 47 weeks ago
Mikkel 'miGGel' Berg confirms the disbanding of team Copenhagen Wolves.

After PlaymatE announced the end of his Dota career, team captain Mikkel 'miGGel' Berg now confirms what was already feared: Team Copenhagen Wolves is falling apart. On his Facebook page, he left a short message about the disbanding. According to miGGel, the players have chosen different paths afterwards.

At least three of the players are thus not going to join a news Dota 2 team. One of the players has chosen to focus on studies, two will completely stop playing Dota. miGGel has listed only four players in his post, though. With the disbanding of the team, the Danish players have gone from team Quantic to Eclypsia to ex-Quantic/DD to Copenhagen Wolves and in the end a disband in less than two months.

Mikkel 'miGGel' Berg:

"Our team are disbanded. 1 studies, 2 left Dota, 1 don't know."

Former Copenhagen Wolves lineup:
Denmark Mikkel 'miGGel' Berg
Denmark Martin 'AngeL' Olsen
Denmark Brian 'Mania' Strandby
Denmark Christoffer 'Ryze' Winther
Denmark Amel 'PlaymatE' Barudzija

Source: miGGel's Facebook post
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