MC first at Red Bull Austin, Stephano third

Posted by Julian "hattfatt" Koch at 28 May 2012 20:21

The boss toss secures his third premier title this year as he eliminates Bomber in the finals. Stephano takes third over StarTale’s latest superstar Squirtle.

MC’s win of $15,000 and a sponsorship at the Red Bull Battlegrounds in Austin not only strengthens his position as StarCraft 2’s absolute top earner, but also marks his first ever North American championship title. In a very entertaining and well-produced tournament, the French fan favorite Stephano took a solid third place taking out Squirtle with stellar performances throughout his matches, only losing to the champion in a tight match. Big upsets, however, did not happen, except, perhaps, for a strong Sase coming out first in his group. To check out the group results, head over to yesterday’s article.

The boss toss backing up his words with actions.
Photo by: W. Shing

While Bomber paved his way through the tournament with clear and decisive victories over his opponents, MC had slight hickups in his matches versus Stephano and Sase, who both demanded everything from the Korean. Sase was at one point a single perfectly timed forcefield away from beating the Obamatoss. His struggles continued up until the grand final, where he fell behind 1-2 only to regain composure and win every map from there on, adding another disappointing result to Bomber’s tournament vita.

The LastShadow debacle

With the community being split about the decision to have LastShadow in the tournament, he was undoubtedly the player that got the most flack prior to the tournament. Some people were very vocal about their opinion that the sole reason for LastShadow’s appearance in Austin was his friendly relationship with Day9, while others remarked that more local players can add nice storylines. However, he soon lost his first two matches against ret and Squirtle and then decided to forfeit his match against Parting. He left the premises, deleted all of his social networking to avoid any more negativity.

The big mouths

MC leaves the rivalries for the stage.
Photo by: W. Shing

Accordingly to the name of the event the players seemed to find another battleground, other than the game itself. Confidence was strong in all contenders as especially MC and Stephano were not shy to talk smack during the pre game interviews. When Stephano was asked what his score predictions were for his match against Parting, he reminded Day9 what a ‘stupid question’ he had just uttered. MC chose a more agreeable route, saying that he and Sase were friends, but whoever wins their match would beat the French Zerg in the next round. Although it turned out true, MC might have diminished his own victory by declaring Stephano to be a ‘baby’.

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