Flash on StarCraft 2: 'Protoss is OP'

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 12 May 2012 00:23

GameChosun conducted an interview with KT Rolster terran and golden mouse winner Young Ho "Flash" Lee on how he prepares for the coming Proleague season, what he thinks about SC2 balance and how does he judge his current skill level at the new game.

The fifth bonjwa of BroodWar is harsh on himself when asked about his skill in StarCraft 2:

- "I think I'm a complete noob. I'm really not that good so I'm still at the stage of learning. Right now I'm in Master league (star icon). I think ladder points are more important than stars. Before the first season of Pro League started last year I got to Master league in 4 to 5 days. It was strangely easy back then. It probably would have been better if I had kept playing then, but after focusing on the season and picking it up way later it's difficult."

- "I'd probably get eliminated immediately [if I tried to get into Code A]," further comments Flash, also adding how he is getting closer to grasping the maps and finding affection with marines and marauders since their micro suits his style.

When the conversation hits the topic about balance, Flash does not hold back and expresses some really strong opinions.

- "I think there's a problem with the balance. Protoss is overpowered so I hope they balance it out. [...] Forcefields are OP, gateways are OP too... More importantly there are continuous patches but it seems like Terran is the only one that doesn't get buffs. I'm worried because they're on a downward trend. [...] It's difficult to defend Protoss all-ins. Zergs (all-ins) too."

- "I think Terran is the worst, but others say they're second. Once the upcoming patch comes into effect I'm worried that Zerg might become OP as well," adds Flash.

With a hybrid Proleague season ahead of him, Flash is asked about his thoughts on the matter. The legendary terran confirms the concerns that his skills at BroodWar will diminish and he'll not be in his previous top form and says that switching from StarCraft 2 to BroodWar leaves the feeling of the latter being laggy due to graphics and slower response time.

The interview closes with questions about the recently concluded SK Planet Proleague Season 1 where Flash's team KT Rolster lost to SK Telecom T1: how he felt angry after losing the ace match against Bisu, how he cried because of fans' cheer and how he has accepted the defeat without any regrets.

Full interview: Team Liquid