SK Planet Proleague 2: Dates, format and Q&A

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev 2 years, 49 weeks ago
Starting on May 20th and running for four months, the first ever hybrid SK Planet Proleague will be the first step of the transitioning of KeSPA teams and players to StarCraft 2. Today's press release gives us info on the format of the tournament and presents statements of players and coaches, including race switching and preparation.

SK Planet Season 2 will consist of three rounds, the first one from May 20 to June 19, the second from June 23-July 22 and the third from July 23 to August 26. After those three months, the best performing teams will enter the playoffs, which will also be in three rounds spread between September 1st-22nd. No winner's league format will be present in any round.

Each match will have sets 1-3 as Bo3 in BroodWar and sets 4-6 as a Bo3 in StarCraft 2. If necessary, a Bo1 ace match in SC2 will be played to determine the winner. The teams will have to determine the players for each Bo3 in advance and the players will also be required to alternate between SC2 and BW.

Using different races for each game is allowed and in fact several pros have already confirmed that they'll be switching races for SC2. Those are Calm (Zerg in BW, Terran in SC2), FirebatHero (Terran in BW, Protoss in SC2), Great (Zerg in BW, Terran in SC2), Chavi (Zerg in BW, Protoss in SC2) and Rush (Terran in BW, Zerg in SC2).

Many of the best BroodWar pros and their coaches took the time to comment SC2 balance, the transition to SC2 and the new Proleague Season.

Flash: "In my heart, I'd love to catch up in three months, but realistically I think it will take a year. If I want to reach my SC1 level of skill, I think it will take 2~3 years. [...] I've become immersed in SC2 and play the game until 3-4 in the morning. It feels like when I first played SC1. I'll work hard so I can show everyone better games."

Stork (on GSL players' comments that SC1 players will be good at SC2): "SC1 and 2 have different characteristics, and whatever the GSL players say, I don't think I'm at the level to agree with them on that point. The key is how fast one can adapt to a new style of game. I know that players practice a lot on ladder, and though I might occasionally meet a SC2 player there, I feel like I'm lacking a lot compared to them."

Light: "I think Zerg looks the weakest, and Terran is a race that looks strong when played well. However, I haven't reached that level yet, and TvP is a bit hard."

Piano: "We've always been in last place, but that's the Air Force ACE of the past. We'll show you that the new Air Force team is different. Our goal is reaching the post season."

Lee Jae Gyun (Woongjin Stars coach): "Like STX, there are rumors that we are the best [at sc2] and they are true. We gave up our team workshop and prepared a lot, so there won't be any elimination based on points. We will win the championship through pure skill. Keep an eye on us."

Park Yong Woon (SK Telecom T1 coach): "This season, a new format and game has been introduced. We'll forget existing statistics or confidence, and approach this season with a humble attitude. Many teams desire to change their rank, but we will prevent that and prove that class is forever. We will win."

With that information in mind, we mark our calendars for May 20th when the big transition begins. For the more information and the full Q&A batch follow the source link.

Source: Team Liquid
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