GosuLeague Playday 1 results

Posted by Linus "Tjernobylbarnet" Staaf at 03 May 2012 00:52
First playday of GosuGamers' very own GosuLeague is over. DTS and ItsGosu tie for the lead after their victories over EnRo and Infused.

Second game of DTS - EnRo was a story of back and forth where the winner could be decided by basically any action. Equally as exciting was the nail-biting second game of - Moscow5, highly recommended for watching.

Mouz were paired up against Keita, who just qualified for Dreamhack today by beating compLexity in the finals. Mouz won the first game of their match-up, but Keita's revenge was quick and convincing. The match ended in a draw. Last match to finish was Infused vs ItsGosu which dragged on abit due to a longer pause in the second game and, sadly, Infused were force to continue 4vs5. ItsGosu managed to seal the deal after an all-in-all even game.

This weekend will feature new matches between the same teams. Matches will be streamed by Purge and Sheever. Stay tuned!

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