WhiteRa to face ret in a $500 Showmatch

Posted by Julian "hattfatt" Koch at 23 April 2012 17:20

On April 25th, the Protoss icon WhiteRa will face the Dutch powerhouse ret in a $500 showmatch. The event will be hosted by SCV Rush and is funded entirely by their own staff.

The format will be best of 7, with the winner taking home $400 and the loser getting the rest. The event will be broadcast via SCV Rush’s Twitch.TV stream on April 25th, at 7pm CET, and will feature a shoutcast by Jack Tancey and Patrik "Raz" Persson.

The opening map is going to be GSL Daybreak and each consecutive map will be chosen by the loser. The mappool is as follows:

- MLG Antiga Shipyard
- MLG Cloud Kingdom
- GSL Daybreak
- Tal'darim Altar LE
- MLG Metalopolis
- GSL Metropolis
- Dreamhack ESV Ohana

Viewers will be excited to see whether ret’s macro play, which most recently got him a solid top four alongside Monster at Dreamhack Open 2012, will stand up to WhiteRa’s Carrier force in case he repeats the special tactics he displayed in his showmatch against Stephano.

This is also as good an opportunity as any to go test your knowledge of StarCraft 2 by Gosubetting on this. Just follow the link below.

TL thread
Twitch.TV stream