GEST April Group Stage Round up

Posted by Kai "Treble1999" Chua at 21 April 2012 16:04

Group A
Malaysia Invasion Red4/04
Philippines Mineski3/13
Vietnam StarsBoba2/22
Thailand ECS.DotA1/31
Thailand Neolution0/40
Advance:Malaysia Invasion Red, Philippines Mineski

Last months runners-up Invasion Red show us exactly why they reached that stage of the competition in March with a strong showing in the groupstages. In this "Group of Death" they emerge with the scalps of all their other competitors with a 4/0 record. In the thrilling streamed conclusion of the group, Mineski managed to edge past StarsBoba in a epic game which saw more than xxx kills. Eventually it was the Filipinos who pull off a win and progress to the playoffs despite a few less than impressive wins in the groupstage.

This was another group that our crew got exactly right which puts us up 2/2 for the groupstages.

Group B
Malaysia Orange4/04
Philippines iZONE1253/13
Indonesia Deperruku2/22
Thailand TteSport.HOW1/31
Myanmar G70/40
Advance:Malaysia Orange, Philippines iZONE125

Group B stays true to our predictions as well, with both Orange and iZone manage to proceed to the playoffs. Orange continued the strong Malaysian showing in this month's GEST by progressing without losing a game, similarly iZone lose only to Orange and proceed with a 3/1 score.

Crew score: 4/4, looking good.

Group C
Philippines Pcfc4/04
Thailand iDeal3/13
Vietnam Fire2/22
Indonesia eNcy1/31
India Err0R0/40
Advance:Thailand iDeal, Philippines Pcfc

Pacific as well as iDeal will progress from this group. Our predictions were one team off with eNcy not giving a great showing this time round. Pacific will take first and iDeal will take second place after losing to Pacific in the final match of the group.

Crew Score: 5/6

Group D
Thailand Trust3/13
Philippines MSIEvoGT3/13
Vietnam Skynet3/13
Indonesia Ritter1/31
Philippines R-Gaming0/40
Thailand Trust, Philippines MSIEvoGT, Vietnam SkyNet to play Tiebreakers

Group D is yet to be decided with Trust, Skynet, as well as defending champions MSI Evo GT to participate in a series of tiebreakers starting tomorrow at 9am GMT+8. Will MSI progress and defend their title, or will the defending champions crash out to SkyNet and Trust? Stay tuned tomorrow to find out.

Every bet counts, so don't forget to place your bets in order to stand a chance to win some sick hardware!