Sequential sponsor GiGa

Posted by Kai "Treble1999" Chua at 17 April 2012 16:31
The Dota 2 train steams on, this time with Sequential Gaming acquiring GiGa, a team from the Oceania region. The team, comprising of old DotA players from Australia / New Zealand scene were picked up after consistently showing impressive results in national tournaments.

Sequential are the second organisation to pick up an Oceanic team, perhaps enticed by the success of fellow Australians in Absolute Legends.

Statement from Kevin 'Fumoffu' Sauco:
-"We're delighted to join the wonderful team at SQL, we look forward to a successful relationship with a new up and coming organisation backing us, we aim to represent New Zealand in this big event and get some recognition for all the players that play here and go unnoticed. Big thanks to aL Godz and Godot for inviting us in to GDM."

Dota 2 players might remember Sequential when they beat PGG's DTS team in one of the Its Gosu Monthly Madness qualifiers, or from their run in the JeeDota tournament. If not, the team will debut in BeyondTheSummit TV's upcoming Gigabyte Dota 2 Masters, and will face up against the like of DK, LGD as well as country-mates AL.

Sequential Gaming Roster:
New Zealand Kevin 'Fumoffu' Sauco
New Zealand Erlangga 'CUX' Widianarko
New Zealand Egor 'VODKI' Baranau
Australia George 'FantaSy' Yang
New Zealand Jamie 'FreNzy' Macallister

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