Code S Season 2: Ro16 groups drawn

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev 3 years, 1 week ago

After the afternoon of April 14th saw the completion of Code S Ro32, the groups for the next phase were drawn today.

Quantic's Naniwa, who now walks in HuK's shoes from half a year back, got another zergless group in the company of Genius, Virus and Supernova. The Swede was picked by Code S runner-up Genius, who currently has seven PvP wins in his last ten matches, including a 3-0 against MC in the last season. Although Naniwa is up for a tougher group opener than a few days ago, not having to play his weakest match-up is a welcomed gift to the protoss.

The last two remaining zergs--Leenock and July--are paired up in Group B together with Mvp and HerO. The presence of Liquid's protoss is especially threatening to the agents of the swarm as none of them are particularly flawless in the match-up and, additionally, Hero made a name of himself by being a travelling PvZ theatre back in 2011.

The one labelled "the best PvT player in the world" Parting ended up in a group much to his liking, with three terrans at his disposal. TheSTC and Taeja both qualified from Ro32 Group A, although not having to play each other, and there is also the top performing player of Korea MarineKing, whose opening Ro16 match will be against Liquid's newest acquisition. All in all, Group C is very reminiscent to Ro32 Group A, which was supposed to be DongRaeGu's field day, but the terran line-up has thus far survived one of its snipers.

Finally, Group D stands painted in yellow and light blue as three protosses will be fighting for a spot in the playoffs. MC, Squirtle and Oz are all hovering above the 70% win rate in mirrors and with that mirror being PvP they are up for a group of death in every sense of the word. Among them, picked by MC himself, is the youngest Code S participant MaruPrime, who already showed that TvP is not an uncharted territory for him, holding victories against Hero, JYP and Alicia.

Code S Season 2 Ro16 Groups

Group A
Korea Genius
Sweden Naniwa
Korea Supernova
Korea Virus

Group C
Korea Parting
Korea TheSTC
Korea Taeja
Korea MarineKing
Group B
Korea Mvp
Korea July
Korea Hero
Korea Leenock

Group D
Korea MC
Korea Maru
Korea Oz
Korea Squirtle

The first round of sixteen matches will are scheduled for April 18th and 19th as groups A and B will be played out. Groups C and D will come a week later, on April 25th and 26th respectively.
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