ESV TV Korean Weekly 3 Announced

Posted by Michael "tonghua" Liu at 01 April 2012 05:23
Photo Souce: Team Liquid

ESV TV Korean Weekly Season 3 is returning after a brief hiatus with even larger prizes and more chances to win. Players will play in eight weekly tournaments for a chance to enter the Grand Finals.

ESV TV Korean Weekly, a weekly online tournament in Korea organized by ESV's Diamond, announced their official Season 3 to begin April 6, 2012. This time around, the tournament boasts an even larger prize pool, with $200 up for grabs each week and a $3,500 Grand Prix pool totaling to $5,100.

Once again, ESV TV Korean Weekly will offer a special subscriber model for $20 a month ($10 for pre-sale). Subscribers earn access to a live HD stream, early VOD access, no commercial interruptions and many more.

ESV TV Korean Weekly has been a tournament that allows spectators to witness the top level of Korean Starcraft 2 gaming in between GSL and GSTL matches. Most prominently, it showed the rise of TaeJa as one of the best Korean Terrans, after he won numerous weekly competitions.

Source: Team Liquid