Jascha "NoVa" Markuse - 'Amidst the chaos'

Posted by Seb "shinkz" Torr at 31 March 2012 06:12

Along with the announcement of the Fnatic HoN team making the switch to DotA 2, Jascha "NoVa" Markuse has released a blog detailing the happenings from the team’s perspective. The question was whether or not the team should move out of its comfort zone and strive to achieve something in a completely new field.

Discussions had been going for a while in the Fnatic camp, the team boot camped recently where they had key discussions about the teams future and whether or not it to consider a switch to DotA 2.


Tal 'Fly' has no DotA experience at all and started to play DotA 2 at the end of the bootcamp. Adrian 'Era' has a bit more experience due to a couple DotA games before but nothing significant. I played DotA1 for several years as a pubber and will build on that. Played roughly a few dozen DotA2 games so far.
The same goes for Johan 'N0tail'. Kai 'H4nn1' is NOT going to move to DotA2 due to a lot of reasons. We might continue playing with him in HoN tournaments if they don't clash with DotA2 schedules. Thus, we're searching for a fifth player for our future DotA2 endeavours but we're already trying someone out: Alexander 'Calculus'


It would be surreal and delusional to aim for tournament wins already. Basically we're trying to compress several years of DotA experience into a few weeks. We are, however, learning very, very fast. Every single game we find out about new (or respectively, different) mechanics and experience strenghts and weaknesses of each hero. Personally I spend a lot of time in practise mode, dota2wiki and VoDs to get to know as much as possible about mechanics, neutral creep behaviour and warding spots. If we can keep that pace up our confidene will grow daily and we're looking to win atleast the first scrims within a reasonable amount of time.

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