Zenith Win jD Masters IV

Posted by Kai "Treble1999" Chua at 29 March 2012 19:38
Despite losing their sponsor, Zenith won a tournament. Zenith, who came into the tournament originally under the banner of Meet Your Makers, took out Evo-GT whereas the Aussies defeated the Chinese team CLC to earn their place in the finals.

Game One

Singapore Zenith took the first game behind a dangerous double-Blink combination, played by SEA stalwarts Hyhy on Enigma and ChuaN on Sand King. Australia Absolute Legends countered with an Antimage, but bLeek was never able to gain momentum and underperformed in teamfights. With a 17,000 gold disadvantage, Absolute Legends finally called the "GG" 32 minutes in after losing a team fight just outside their last set of raxes on the top lane.

Game Two

absolute Legends firstpicked Lycanthrope, something only possible since yesterday's patch. Zenith picked up Slardar and both teams ran trilanes on the top, with Nature’s Prophet against Lycanthrope in middle and Windrunner against Enigma on bottom lane.

In the laning phase, Shatan was unable to gain farm and Zenith created a significant advantage. Though Hyhy's Bashes proved annoying, Zenith overextended themselves, letting aL recover and then some: behind Lycanthrope the Australians took a tower and Roshan.

aL from that moment on had a realistic chance to get Lycan into late game. Additionally, bLeek's Leshrac picked up huge farm, culminating in a many-charged Bloodstone. After barely defending a barracks push, Zenith push out straight for middle lane, aL baited them with a very late buyback and Zenith lost all. aL put the second Aegis on Leshrac and claimed mid and top barracks. With two lanes down, Zenith were unable to defend against aL's suicide pushes and called GG.

Game Three

Stealth time! This time the carries were Weaver for Zenith and Rikimaru for absolute Legends. Zenith played with Chen and Sand King as a ganking squad, which worked out absolutely perfectly: xy’s Sand King participated in almost every of Zenith’s kills. MusiCa died too often on bot lane against Leshrac and Sand King combos.

Though Queen of Pain has been much in vogue in the Dota 1 scene, she's too squishy to face triple stuns. The very fast blink dagger on Sand King allowed Zenith to force fights, even when aL was already retreating. The best farmed hero for aL after 22 minutes is Tidehunter, and none of their other heroes have found any space. In the following teamfights, aL was probably already too far behind: Their chains of Ravage and Sonic Wave failed to kill heroes against Hand of God and Mekansm on Chen. Zenith were able to push to the end of one lane after the other.

Zenith is:

Singapore Hyhy (c)
Singapore iceiceice
Singapore xy-
Singapore xfreedom
Malaysia ChuaN
Singapore nDrakan (stand-in)

Zenith walk away with $660 in prize money and join United States EG, United States It's Gosu and Malaysia MUFC in the hall of winners of joinDOTA's Masters Series. The next edition of jD masters could be said to be the most highly anticipated one, with top names from Europe such as Na`Vi, CLG as well as the recently reformed Moscow 5 squad. It will kick off on the 31st of March at 13:45 CET with CLG taking on PGG's M5.