M5 Announce Open Tournament

Posted by Matthew "LuckoftheIrish" Roberts at 29 March 2012 01:01
Moscow 5 have announced a new tournament, adding to the numerous events already on offer. The tournament has, however, one interesting quirk.

Scheduled to begin on 31 March with qualifiers beginning at 13:00 CET and commence for keeps on the 7th of April at 15:00 CET, the tournament will feature 16 teams and run in Latest mode, meaning heroes like Shadow Demon and Lycanthrope, and maybe even Lone Druid, should be available. Eight teams will be invited and seeded directly into the main event, while the other eight will come from the qualifiers. Quarter-finalists from the best-of-one events will gain a place in the tournament, fighting for a prize pool of 50,000 rubles - roughly $1,700.

The tournament will be streamed in Russian by Versuta and zNation.ermak. In an interesting twist, a first-person stream of M5's games will be available from none other than the infamous Vladimir ”PGG” Anosov. As the event draws closer, more streams will be announced.

Given that this tournament is run by Moscow 5, it wouldn't be complete without some ArtStyle-related drama. Enter rule number thirteen, the ban list.

XIII. Ban List.
Participation is allowed for everyone, both from and outside of Russia, apart from players from Darer, in particular: Yaroslav “NS” Kuznetsov, Ivan ”Artstyle” Antonov and Sergey “ God” Bragin.

Recently, It's Gosu interviewed ArtStyle himself, and the subject of the ban came up. The Ukrainian captain had strong words about his adversaries.

It proves the fact that I’m getting boycotted by three fail websites and their owners, but not the players. I don’t care about anything else.

In direct comment about the tournament, ArtStyle had this to say to GoSu|Mali:

Ddd1ms has also revealed his plans about his new team. He plans to host an open tournament and hopefully, he will find new talents in it. However, he mentioned that Darer will be banned from this tournament. What are your thoughts about his decision?

We are going to participate there on fake names such as: Russia is everything, Orthodox, King, M5 champions and You don’t have to feed us!

The new team representing Moscow Five will have “unlimited access to our training camp, PC’s, Internet, salary, trips, T-shirts and other necessary things. Being M5 is more than being a part of some random organization. We all are friends here – M5 is a big family!” ArtStyle, thoughts?

We will definitely win the tournament and get into family!

Whatever happens, it promises to be entertaining.

Facebook - M5's announcement
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