iCCup to host island tournament

Posted by Good "Esc4toN" Bye at 28 March 2012 17:47
iCCup is going to host another fun tournament for all to enjoy called The iCCup island tournament.

The tournament will be held at iCCup server in channel Tournaments, on April 1st at 16CET.
Nowadays we don't see Island maps played at all, and they were really popular a long time ago. There were imbalances of course, but sometimes island maps lead to crazy and super-entertaining play (such as the famous mass hallucination recall by Nal_ra against GoodFriend on Parallel Lines).

Hopefully, we are going to see all of it on this tournament.

Prizes will be in iCCup coins which you can use in their store for many nice things.

1st prize - 40 coins
2nd prize - 30 coins
3rd prize - 20 coins
4th prize - 20 coins

Maps will be:
Round one - BO1 on map Snowbound
Round two - BO1 on map Symmetry of Psy
Round three - BO1 on map Gorky Island aka Gorky Park
Round four - BO3 on map Hunters-Islands. (All games on same map)
Round five - BO3 on map Dire Straits. (All games on same map)

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