Smulgullig: 'It is a chance for me to prove myself'

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 27 March 2012 12:28

As one of Europe's top contenders, CLG has seen victories over Na`Vi, EG and Darer. Their latest pick up, smulgullig, was announced in a blog entry this afternoon on Loda's blog at Experience Gaming - the former youBoat player will replace departed Alexandre 'Pinoy' Pettersson as the team's fifth player.

Spotted playing as a stand-in for CLG, what initially started as 'a lot of fun' eventually led to an offer to join the team. "When Loda approached me with a offer of joining up the ranks with them, I felt both excitement and sadness," remarked smulgullig, who admitted that he did have fond memories of his time and the players over at youBoat.

"However, I have always wanted to play with a top team such as CLG [and] I will now take my chance." Indeed, the team's chemistry has been self evident in their recent matches against Gosu and Evil Geniuses, where the Swedish team came out victorious in both.

With the replacement now made official, be sure to catch smulgullig in action as CLG takes on Absolute Legends in the Grand Finals of It's Gosu's Monthly Madness.

Closing the entry, the Swedish player seemed almost certain with the remark: "With some practise, I believe we will make it to the top!" And, he may almost just be right.

Experience Gaming - Loda's Blog