Drayich hangs up mouse for good: 'Arm pains too much'

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 27 March 2012 09:51
drayich_240175.jpgSwedish DotA long-timer Kim "Drayich" Larsson has announced his retirement from competitive gaming entirely. It is his right arm that play the felon in this announcement.
- "These problems probably started already 2-3 years ago, but with some changes of chairs and equipment I've been managing the pains. However this year it turned much much worse," writes Drayich in his blog.

After moving back to the world of DOTA after his sojourn with Heroes of Newerth, there have been little sight of Drayich in the spotlight. His team Reason-Gaming has been showing varied results, they even forfeited some matches in the JeeDota Championship. The blog entry reveal that it was due to Drayich's arm injury that forced the team to use a stand-in.

- "Before the quarterfinals I couldnt even participate due to my problemed arm, I mean I litteraly couldnt even move it without feeling heavy pains," says Drayich.

What the future has in store for Reason-Gaming with their team chief parting remain unknown.

Drayich notes that when he returned to DOTA he wanted to play on high level, as he and his wife agreed that the number of hours he spent on the game should give something back. But when the team was in its start-up phase, he noticed indications of trouble.

- "I'm not gonna hang out either players or sponsors, but I can assure you that there is tons of things happening behind the scenes, and that I feel like I've been 'tricked' more then one time during this return," says Drayich.

He ends with sending his thanks to a wide list of players, organizations, friends and his wife for all the good times.

- "The way she from day 1 had respect and also joy out of my gaming is just admiriable. Coming with me to dreamhack, following games on streams and giving me time and place to do what i really enjoyed. I love you for that," says Drayich.