NEW: DOTA 2 hero index online on GosuGamers

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 22 March 2012 08:57
Looking for a particular hero? Which skill did that "woo-hoo" thing? Head over to our DOTA 2 hero index to find out.

Slowly but surely they enter our realm. If the heroes of the world you stumbled upon were shrouded in mystery, seek no further as we illumine our hero index. An index of the icons we so happily guide, follow, look up to or simply despise.

heroindex-235.jpg warlock-235.jpg
naix-235.jpg barathum-235.jpg

At the dawning of the hero index, we give you the heroes paired up in The Dire and The Radiant's respective camp: Strength, Agility, Intelligence.

On each hero page you will find all the information you need, both for the hero itself but also his set of skills.

Do you have an awesome hero guide that you just can't wait to share with the world? Post it in the strategy forum and, if it's as good as we think they will be, we will feature them on the hero pages! Go!

Keep your eyes pinned on GosuGamers for further updates including featured guides, pros and cons list and much more.

Have your say in the comments below. Give us feedback over what features you would like to see get added to our hero index.