USA vs China: The Return of Power.Net and YaphetS

Posted by Calvin "Jaywalker" C at 20 March 2012 15:36

With The International announced to be held in Seattle, teams are starting to seek the much coveted invitations to the LAN tournament. One nation has recently took the step to start their Dota 2 preperation.

Whilst having much success in Dota, top teams in China has not truly showed their hand in Dota 2 due to the immense popularity of Dota in the country. But recently, an influx of Chinese professional players have begun their training in Dota 2. With the likes of Longdd, Burning, rOtk, Dai and many more beginning their adaptation of the game, fans will be thrilled to see them in action via DotaTV.

"Brace yourselves, China is coming!'

To start things with a bang, newly formed Elite Cyber Athlete League (ECAL) has announced a $800 USD winner take all showmatch between the teams United States Captain Planet and China World Elite.

Captain Planet will be fronted by well known player Power.Net, as he prominently rejoins the competitive scene. Fans will rejoice as World Elite will also be joined by fan favorite YaphetS, marking his debut in Dota 2.

Despite possible lag issues, Captain Planet has kindly accepted the offer to play on Singapore Servers, which will be fairer to both teams. English stream will be provided by Own3d TV as well as a Chinese stream by Gamefy. The match will happen on 12PM GMT on the 24th of March, so remember to watch this showdown between these two representatives of America and China.

Some other sites have wrote that YaphetS will not be participating in the showmatch, but GosuGamers has contacted ECAL about the issue. ECAL in return contacted YaphetS, and he himself has confirmed that he will be playing in the showmatch.

Stay tuned as GosuGamers bring you the preview of the match, as well as an upcoming interview with the organizers.

ECAL Official Website - ECAL hosts $800 Showmatch