Na'Vi crushes DTS in Techlabs showmatch under 30 minutes

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 20 March 2012 16:23
The Techlabs showmatch with 3.000 $ in stake has been won by Na'Vi. DTS couldn't find an answer to Anti-Mage and Broodmother at the same time.

The Techlabs showmatch was an offline play of Na'Vi versus DTS. Originally intended to become a Best-of-Three game, time pressure forced them to make it a single game, worth 3.000 $. Banning and picking was made offline due to the same reasons, which is why no information about bans and pick order is published. The picks were unconventional nevertheless.

Techlabs Cup Showmatch
Ukraine Na`ViRussia DTS
vengeful spirit venomancer sandking

anti mage broodmother

earthshaker crystal maiden invoker

enigma dark seer

Due to visa issues, Puppey was unable to play for Na'Vi. The Team used Darer's player God as a stand-in because of that. Puppey was instead involved in that game by co-commentating the game on the side of Toby 'TobiWan' Dawson. The picks already show that DTS lacks a real physical damage dealer. Instead they picked up two heroes normally banned out by Na'Vi: Invoker and Dark Seer.

In the early game, Dark Seer is under heavy pressure at bot lane, dying multiple times due to AA coming to gank with his Vengeful Spirit, outnumbering Go[blin] three against one. Na'Vi gains a 4-1 lead until 7:30. In one of those kills, Dendi is helping out AA in his retreat afterwards, killing off Invoker during that due to a double damage rune. The counter kill from DTS fails due to Fly going out of cast range. He could have finished of Dendi's SK with a single Frost Nova, but failed with his movement. Earthshaker is surprisingly outfarming Broodmother on top lane in the meantime. DTS decides to go for a 5-man push in mid lane, killing Dendi twice, but mid-tower is getting denied by Dendi. Broodmother and Anti-Mage are allowed to free farm on the sidelanes in the meanwhile with LightOfHeaven even killing top tower.

Blowyourbrain is playing his Invoker on a Quas-Exort-Build. A beautiful smoke gank against Broodmother and Venomancer is successful due to a well placed Black Hole holding both in place, but the gank opens up space on bottom lane for Na'Vi to kill off Earth Shaker and even Invoker. The poisoned Crystal Maiden also dies, making it a two for three trade for DTS. That is not what they needed.

Another major top push by DTS with 5 people gains them both top towers. Dendi stalkes behind all of them with an invisibility rune. DTS kills off Venomancer with the assist of Dark Seers ultimate even after the towerkill. Venomancer manages to cast is own ultimate, forcing DTS to make a major mistake: Dark Seer portals out after Invoker already backed up to defend bot lane, giving Dendi and the rest of his team all chances to kill of Earth Shaker, Crystal Maiden and Enigma, which they manage to do. Score is 11-6 after 20 minutes.

XBOCT is going for Vanguard and Vladimir’s Offering, while Invoker builds a Necronomicon. The game deciding moment is at minute 24 near Roshan, because DTS is trying to gain an advantage by getting the Aegis: Broodmother is pushing top-lane, all other players stick around Roshan, making even hero-trades with Enigma, Crystal Maiden, Vengeful Spirit and Venomancer dying. Dendi with good burrow strikes gets a bit overaggressive, dies and instantly rebuys. DTS is tempted to finish Roshan, but with all Na'Vi players alive once again, they are outnumbered. DTS barely manages to get the extra gold and experience from the Roshan kill, but has to let the Aegis go to NaVi.

AA picks it up with his Vengeful Spirit and uses it in the next teamfight which NaVi forces to happen. XBOCT with his Manta Style finished seals the deal, gets an ultra kill while Broodmother keeps the pressure on top lane and DTS loses hero after hero against Anti-Mage and Sand King combinations. GG is called at minute 28 as the top melee barracks is about to fall. Score at GG-call is 22-11. Na'Vi takes home 3.000 $ for a single showmatch, continuing the winning streak.

Dendi talked about the showmatch after the game in an Interview. In the meantime, for those who missed it, check out Tobi's coverage of the game below.