Team Decerto Announces HoN Tournament

Posted by Joshua "ASWAY" Ouellette at 16 March 2012 06:48
Team Decerto and ozone gaming have teamed up to bring the Heroes of Newerth community another tournament.

Team Decerto has decided to make this tournament a open event, which teams teams of any skill level are welcome to participate. Registering for this event is very simple, all your team captain has to do is post the clan name, clan tag, team location and a roster in a thread on Team Decerto website. Team rosters are limited to eight players max, you can find the sign up forum at the bottom of this post.

Prize Distribution

1st - 5X Ground Level S Ozone Gaming mousepads + 4000 Gold Coins
2nd - 3000 Gold Coins
3rd - 1500 Gold Coins
4th - 1500 Gold Coins


Format: 5 on 5 Banning Pick
Map: Forests of Caldavar
Maximum : 64 TEAMS
More Information:


Tournament Start: Friday, March 16 @ 1:00PM EST (7:00PM CET)
Semifinals/Final: Saturday, March 17 @ 1:00PM EST (7:00PM CET)

Ground Level S Ozone Gaming mousepads

Team Decerto - Sign up's
Team Decerto - Rules