IEM: Feast Defeats Killer

Posted by Andrei "procyonlotor" Filote at 09 March 2012 15:25


Our unlikely hero Feast has taken down col.Killer in a close 3 - 2 series, securing himself a top four finish and a chance at the grand finals - if he can defeat MC.

Game one saw Feast go for stargate tech while Killer opted for three gate pressure. Feast defended and used the tactical advantage of his phoenix to drop a fast expansion, mass up a sizable force, and finish Killer off. 1 - 0.

In game two it was Killer who went for stargate, while Feast unsuccessfully employed blink stalker aggression, followed by dark templar. Killer defended with some cannons, went for blink stalkers of his own, and overcame Feast's forces in a spectacular blink micro battle. 1 - 1.

Game three was Killer's to lose as a brilliant ruse by the Korean protoss led Feast to lose a significant part of his army. Unfortunately, two of Killer's immortals were caught off guard and annihilated, providing Feast with the chance to turn the game around. 2 - 1.

Game four ended swiftly as Feast was caught out of position. Killer's blink tech finished first, allowing him to deal the killing blow. 2 - 2.

Game five. Similar blink-robo builds on both sides, but clever stalker usage put Feast in a position of economic advantage, and critical forcefields allowed his immortals to focus down key units in the final battle. 3 -2.

Feast's next opponent, MC, is a fearsome one, but the Belgian protoss has shown he can easily hold his own. Stay tuned as the matches will take place later today!