GomTV reveals the up-and-down groups, HuK as the only foreigner

Posted by Andrei "procyonlotor" Filote at 08 March 2012 11:39
Photo by: GosuGamers

GOM has released GSL Season 2's groups for the Up & Down matches. Check out who will be facing who right here.

Group A
Korea BboongBbong
Korea Squirtle
Korea Heart
Korea Avenge
Korea Keen
Korea YuGiOh

Group B
Korea Leenock
Korea Ganzi
Korea Ace
Korea Sniper
Korea Inca
Taiwan SEn*

Group C
Korea Bumblebee
Korea JYP
Korea Maru
Korea sC
Korea TheSTC
Korea Alicia
Group D
Korea Killer
Korea Fin
Korea Brown
Korea Lucky
Canada HuK [seeded]

Group E
Korea Creator
Korea Supernova
Korea Happy
Korea July
Korea Boxer
2nd seed**

* Gamania.Sen has forfeited his spot. He will not be replaced by anyone.
** The player was unable to participate due to injury. GomTV has not revealed who he was and will not replace him.

This leaves HuK as the only foreigner in the GSL. The Canadian will be fighting for a Code S spot shortly after March 12th when the up-and-down matches commence.