CLG Claim Fnatic RaidCall Play Cup

Posted by Matthew "LuckoftheIrish" Roberts at 07 March 2012 21:35
After storming to the grand final, Counter Logic Gaming defeated mousesports 2-0 to claim $500.

On their way to the semi-final, Sweden Counter Logic Gaming overcame Romanian foes Stronk Turtle and dignitas. In the semis, they defeated France Western Wolves 2-0 behind stunning performances from Loda - who scored a decisive Ultra Kill with his Juggernaut in the first game - and the support duop of Akke and Mirakel, who played Chen and Vengeful Spirit to perfection in the second game.

Their opponents in the final had an equally challenging road, overcoming Ukraine DTS and Australia Absolute Legends to earn a place in the finals. While aL troubled the Germans with a pushing strategy in the first game, mousesports took the second game with unorthodox Queen of Pain usage, and took the third to finish off their opponents.

mousesports took an early lead in both games in the finals. In the first game, they were able to claim towers and take teamfights in the early game, but as the match wore on, mouz's Razor was unable to match CLG's combination of Priestess of the Moon, Windrunner and Beastmaster. Again, Mirakel and Akke played exceptionally well on their signature support heroes, Vengeful Spirit and Chen. In the second, mousesports played a very aggressive lineup with Crystal Maiden, Tidehunter, and Tiny. By playing aggressively, they took a solid lead in the game before CLG's combination of perfectly executed Smoke ganks and teamfight control swung the game decisively to the Swedes. In the 28th and 35th minutes of the second game, CLG claimed two teamfights, erasing mousesports's lead and momentum. CLG closed out the game and the series, claiming the victory.

CLG have claimed the cash, but there are still prizes up for grabs. The player chosen as MVP will receive a Fnatic-branded SLAPPA Mask backpack. To vote for your MVP, head to the official Fnatic Facebook page.

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