A talk with the boy genius

Posted by Kai "Treble1999" Chua at 03 March 2012 05:53

Awarded the February Gamer of the month by Pacific E-sports

He has been sending waves through the Filipino DotA community ever since he burst onto the scene. Playing for an up and coming team in Pacific Revitilize, Karl "Santino" Matthew Baldovino is a mere 13 years old, the guys over at Pacific E-sports conducted a short interview with him

The questions ranged from his choice in pursuing E-Sports to his role in the team, as well as his short-term future.

"Actually, nobody taught me how to play the game, I only learned by watching other people on computer shops play.

He added that pressure from his parents to stop spending so much time on the game was only relieved after he started making money from playing, so much so that it lifted a portion of financial burden off his parents. DotA started out as nothing more than a past-time, but his skills were bound to be noticed sooner or later.

I have no secrets....I like what I do and I enjoy it - you will surely excel if you bring that with lots of practice and hardwork.

Karl puts his impressive performances down to his team's coordination and hard practice, rather than placing the emphasis on individual skillls. "DotA is a game of teamplay, you help each other throughout the game." He added, "Nobody would be as powerful without the help of each other."

I want to be known internationally...playing internationally and that I'll be recognized by my idol, YaphetS.

Finally Karl answered questions on where he sees his career in DotA, he has clear goals and plans set for the future, and in his answers one can see the determination in his young mind. "To all DotA players who want to be capable, aim high."

Read the full interview here Revitilize will be playing in the upcoming GEST in March.

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