Blackfade picks up Dota 2 squad

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 23 February 2012 12:50 is the new team on the block this week with the recent acquisition of a seven player squad. From an organisation with a strong reputation in Heroes of Newerth, Blackfade will be looking to secure its place in the Dota 2 scene this year.

New Zealand Arno "Dafcee" Chao, CEO of Blackfade

"As an organization thriving to step into the fast growing market of Dota 2, we are very proud and happy, that we will get the opportunity to work together with FearRyder and his team. FearRyder and I always wanted to work together at some point, and with the relaunch of we both saw the opportunity and took it.

We expect a great deal out of this team, because they all have a great background from the other MOBA-games and I am sure, that they will represent Blackfade very well within tournaments and leagues in Dota 2."

Comprising players with a competitive background in either Heroes of Newerth or DotA, Blackfade is led by Australian HoN player Akash 'FearRyder' Lagad, who hailed from uQt prior to joining the Dota 2 community. zaN and NoFriendz, who serve as the sixth and seventh players, will play as backups for Blackfade.

"We have a committed team who is ready to put in the work as we aim to take the Blackfade team far into the future," Lagad insists, as he envisions his partnership with into the future and representing the organisation at various events this year.

Australia Akash "FearRyder" Lagad
Australia Tom "JABBAWABBA" Dean
United States Armin "Ohio" Blazevic
New Zealand Nigel "Sh3pathome" Tan
Canada Danny "EuroSlayer" Cote
New Zealand Sam "zaN" Manson

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