Ksssssss joins new team LoH

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 23 February 2012 09:41

With Tyloo releasing their team in favor of five new unknown players (see), Ksssssss has just bounced back with a team of his own. Lord Of Host has taken up a new team comprising former WE and TyLoo players.

As with the New Year, many teams have been picked up in the Chinese competitive scene, including CLC of former status. The team did participate at the online G-1 tournament but were ousted last week by TongFu with an innovative Axe and Warlock combination.

Nevertheless, with diligence and a host of other online competitions in China, LoH may just become as big of a name as its European player counterpart.

China LoH.Cc(Manager)
China LoH.WuDao (Leader)
China LoH.PrettyHaw
China LoH.Li
China LoH.Ksssssss
China LoH.GuAi
China LoH.Neo

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