CLC picks up ex-Nirvana

Posted by Kshitij "KrocK" Kothari at 23 February 2012 08:28

357, KingJ, Dai, Awoke, Crystal

A familiar name in LoL scene, CLC, has now chosen to foray into to the world of DotA by picking up the former squad of

The news however does not come as a surprise since it was made clear in the interview with 357 that they were in the process of finalizing a sponsor, following dissolution of Nirvana DotA squad.

The four ex-Ehome players along with ex-iG player Awoke have now found their new home in the form of CLC - Canis Lupus Campestris.

Dai, KingJ and 357 formed the powerful trio that played a crucial role in Ehome's dream run in 2010. Crystal, then known as Ehome.FCB, too was a part of Ehome's DotA team for the majority of 2011.

On paper, the team definitely looks as fearsome as Dai's soloing prowess. With major DotA tournaments coming up we just might see them giving teams like DK and iG a run for their money.

China Yi '357' Yao
China Yang 'KingJ' Zhou
China Zengrong 'Dai' Lei
China Liang 'Awoke' Ye
China Jia Qi 'Crystal' Shen

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