MLG Winter Arena playoffs bracket

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 22 February 2012 11:54

With the MLG Winter Arena just a couple of days away, JP McDaniel, Rob Simpson and Chris Puckett gathered together on Tuesday night to draw the matches for the playoffs bracket.

The 32 participants qualified through a total of four events - MLG Providence and three regional qualifiers - and will go through a double elimination bracket, ending with the grand final on March 26th. $26,000 will be up for grabs in New York this weekend as well as important MLG Winter Championship seeds.

MLG Winter Arena playoffs
Korea LeenockVSCanada dde
Sweden ThorzainVSUnited States Sheth
Korea NesTeaVSUnited Kingdom DeMuslim
United States IdraVSKorea Oz
Canada HuKVSUnited States Minigun
Germany SockeVSCanada Ddoro
Netherlands RetVSSweden Sase
Korea MvpVSKorea San
Korea DongRaeGuVSKorea Ganzi
Korea PartingVSRussia Pomi
Korea TheSTCVSCanada Drewbie
Sweden MerzVSKorea MC
Sweden SjowVSSweden Haypro
United States AxslavVSKorea Violet
Korea MarineKingVSKorea Losira
Netherlands GrubbyVSSweden Naniwa

As announced earlier, Tastosis, djWheat and Rob Simson will be behind the commentator desk, covering the three days of MLG action.

Source: ESFI World