BWCL Season 40 ends

Posted by Good "Esc4toN" Bye at 20 February 2012 20:28
The 40th season of BWCL came to its end, and the winner is the Bulgarian team Noobs with a clean sweep - 13 wins from 13 matches.

Second place is shared between LRM) and iFU who had same amount of points.

BWCL Season 40 final rankings
RankTeam (Tag)PointsScore
1Bulgaria Noobs 3513-0-0
2Spain LRM 3010-3-0
2Russia iFU3010-3-0
4Russia raGe249-4-0
5Russia team meSiJa227-5-0
6Hungary sas227-6-0
7United States OverDosed206-5-0
8Russia I Wanna Love186-5-0
9United States gamers Never Stop155-7-0
10Chile Disturbed Mind135-7-0
11Europe Maximus Brood113-9-0
12United States Specialist82-8-0
13Germany Bringers Of Blood72-10-0
14Germany Northern-Darkness00-13-0

Next, 41st, season of BWCL will be starting on March, 19.

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