esDom opens Dota 2 League

Posted by Kai "Treble1999" Chua at 20 February 2012 14:12
Another alternative for players bored of just match-making, esDom is opening up their very own Dota 2 Inhouse League with cash prizes up for grabs.

The League will be split into 2 Divisions, the top three players of the first division will walk away with $300, $200 and $100 respectively. More information can be found in the forum link provided below.

To kick start the league esDom have also organised a Weekly Cup tournament where the winner stands a chance to win $100. To participate one has to join the channel #esdom.dl on IRC to register, all games will be played in -cm mode.

Registration Start: 20.02.2012 15:00 CET
Registration Deadline: 23.02.2012 15:00 CET
Confirmation: 23.02.2012 15:00-19:00 CET

Statement from project manager:
We at Esdom will give our best not to let someone down. We will try to make it a good place for highly skilled players and those who can keep up with them! We will put our main emphasis on being well organized and guaranteeing as much high-skilled DotA action as we can of course.

The exact launch date of the league is the 1st of March, after the conclusion of the cup tournament. Vouch requests are to be posted in the forum link provided below. For more information one can contact InteL|PeLaTis on IRC quakenet or at

Links - Vouch Forum - Information for Weekly Cup