17:00: JeeDota continue with Absolute Legends vs. Meow

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 16 February 2012 16:20
absolute-legends-4870.jpgsnoopy-275.jpgThe JeeDota 2 Championship continue tonight at 17:00 with Australian Absolute Legends going up against the Estonian team Meow Gaming. When GosuGamers approached aL's team captain Snoopy for a comment he told us they look to play a solid game and not try anything too fancy.

After a four-day downtime in the JeeDota2 Championships, the league continues with a match in Group A. Absolute Legends comes in to the clash with one victory (over zNation), and while their opponents Meow Gaming are unknown to them, they are not underestimating the Estonian team.

- "We don't have much knowledge of our opponents for tonight, which is quite different to a lot of matches in other tournaments, where we know the teams. This means we will go in and look to play a solid game overall and not try anything to fancy, but more react to what they do," says Snoopy to GosuGamers.

The Aussies have a commanding lead in Group A, with the earlier mentioned victory over zNation, but also because of the forfeit win given in the clash against the Polish squad End your streak. Team captain Snoopy is fairly satisfied with their performance in the event.

- "We had a fairly shaky time in the qualifiers, but haven't lost any games since the group stage/playoffs began." He added, "the current feeling in the team is very positive as we move forward with the help of our sponsors Absolute Legends."

Meow Gaming sit at one win and one loss in the score sheet after the past weekend's loss to zNation. Their win against End your streak came at the very start of the group stage, and will have to do what they can to secure the second place in the group. Defeating Absolute legends will force Group A to a tiebreaker stalemate as zNation defeated Meow and Absolute Legends defeated zNation-

dota2-icon.pngTune in to Marcel "Maven" Mattsson at 17:00 for an English stream.