MLG Winter Arena: player list and broadcast schedule

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 14 February 2012 11:19
Photo by: MLG

Curious to know what's coming in ten days at the first major event of MLG 2012? Take a look at the big picture and see which 32 players will be playing February 24-26 for the $26,000.

Hundreds of players walked a heavy road to reach the MLG Winter Arena. It all started with the best eight at MLG Providence 2011, followed by three regional qualifiers that were also to determine the most worthy of a spot on the Arena stream. Finally, the player list is complete:

MLG Winter Arena player list
MLG ProvidenceEU QualifierKR/TW QualifierLA/NA Qalifier
Korea LeenockKorea VioletKorea NesteaCanada Drewbie
Sweden NaniwaNetherlands RetKorea PartingKorea Ddoro
Korea DongRaeGuSweden ThorzainKorea LosiraUnited States Sheth
Korea MvpRussia PomiKorea MarineKingSweden Sase
Canada HuKGermany SockeKorea OzUnited States Axslav
Korea MCSweden SjowKorea TheSTCKorea Artist
Sweden HayproNetherlands GrubbyKorea GanziUnited States Minigun
United States IdraSweden MerzKorea SanCanada Dde

So when is this all happening? As it is the tradition with MLG events, the Winter Arena will run Friday till Sunday, February 24-26, with the following schedule (all times are EST, add +6 for CET):

Friday, Feb 24: 18:00 - 00:00 [Winners Rounds 1-2]
Saturday, Feb 25: 14:00 - 22;00 [Losers Rounds 1-5; Winners Rounds 3-4]
Sunday, Feb 26: 14:00 - 20:00 [Losers Rounds 6-7; Winners, Losers and Grand Finals]

The last piece of information is that the MLG Winter Arena will be available via $20 Pay Per View pass only. Buyers will get access to four separate streams which together will cover 100% of the games, while a fifth sneaks behind the scenes for interviews and chit-chats with the players themselves. Information about who will sit behind the commentators' desk is soon to be announced.

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