Kev talks career, Puck skills and Team GosuGamers fate

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 14 February 2012 09:49
kevin-kev-international.jpg25-year-old Kevin “kev-“ Stegemann, who before his time in KuroKy's quintet Team GosuGamers played in a handful of German teams - most notably Team LAN and DmZ - talked to about his career highlights.

Kevin played in a mix team for "The Defense" called J4T, and right now he is working to get a stable team together with the former "HonTeaM" Lions lineup to get a stable team in Dota 2.

- "We are training a lot at the moment to make sure we can give our best in some tournaments which are incoming soon," says Kevin, but adds that he hasn't put in much time to the game during the last two years because of work and his girlfriend.

The International, KuroKy and Team GosuGamers
His time in the limelight for Dota 2 was in the mentioned The International competition in which he played as a stand-in for Team GosuGamers. The event was tough for the team, going 0-3 in the group stage. For Kevin, he had no goal for the competition, but had hopes to see some winning games from the team. In the interview he talks about what went wrong.

- "There are a lot of things that went wrong with Kuro's team. Not enough practice, communication and missing their own hardware," says Kevin. He added, "To be honest they were too unprepared and they lacked skill in some situations. Same goes for me in the last game."

teamgosugamers-international-480.jpgTeam GosuGamers at The International: rmN, Miracle, Kebap, kev-, KuroKy, Azen.

He also felt that the Team GosuGamers separation was forced because of two eminent players leaving.
- "After Puppey and Pajkatt left the team, I was sure this team wouldn't exist any longer," says Kevin. "Kuroky does not have the same leader skills as Puppey, also Kebap and rmN are not as skilled as Puppey and Pajkatt."

He also mentions how KuroKy wants to be in the best team in the world, which Kevin says was not possible with the last lineup.

The upsides of Dota 2
While pointing out the game as "beta only" still, Kevin feels the game is awesome, easy to handle and fun to play. He does, however, have some concerns with heroes like Antimage and Invoker being overpowered and used in every public game. Furthermore, he dislikes the that the hero add-ins only come once a week.

The interview also touches the topic regarding his skills with the Puck hero.
- "To be honest, I would not consider myself as a 'immortal puck player' anymore - I just had some good moments with the Hero. And I am far away from playing it perfecty - I am not even playing Puck in DOTA2, because I have the feeling it's not the same hero as it used to be," says Kevin.

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