GosuGamers HoN Awards 2011: Best Carry

Posted by Mario "Kolapz" Mađer at 15 February 2012 14:32
We've reached the end of HoN's 2nd year since its official release. As usual, GosuGamers presents our annual awards to celebrate the honorable efforts of both teams and individuals that stood out in 2011. This is the 2nd out of 5 articles showcasing the nominees of the 2nd category - the best carry.

Carries are one of the most traditional roles in the genre. It's the player who the team tries to focus as much farm on as possible and will hopefully deliver the killing blow to the opposing team. Aside from ricing skills, a good carry will have instincts to know when to farm and when to help out his team. He will know when to back off from a lost battle, even if it means sacrificing a majority of his team. He will be able to perform well under a lot of pressure, especially when his opponents are trying their best to shut out every opportunity for him to farm. Finally, what's most important is his positioning and targeting in team fights. Having the highest DPS (usually), it is vital that he shuts down the correct heroes.

Without further ado, here are your nominees for the best carry player of 2011.

Nominees for Best Carry 2011:

Finland [fntc] Kalle 'Trixi' Saarinen

Specialty: Valkyrie Kraken Zephyr

Last year's winner of this category is certainly the favorite to retain the title. The Finnish giant consistently and spectacularly carried his team to many victories in 2011, and finding a tournament match in which he didn't obtain an above average GPM may just be an impossible mission.

His Kraken and Zephyr performances will be hard to outdo, and his Valkyrie play is at a legendary status. Trixi always seemed to find the perfect balance between farming and taking part in teamfights or pushes.

Sweden [DM][LION] Adrian 'Era' Kryeziu

Specialty: Soulstealer Maliken Silhouette

The Swedish wonderkid has always been regarded as one of the best carry players in the world, but lacked the teamwork to really be regarded as a best of the best. This, however, changed in the second half of the year when he joined Lions and found the missing synergy needed to wreck the competition.

His Soulstealer, Maliken and Silhouette performances (amongst others) have been top notch throughout the year, and while one may dislike his personality, it is hard to argue that he is one of the most talented players at the moment.

UnitedStates [SK][sGty][tdM] Mark 'Tralfamadore' Seidl

Specialty: Aluna Valkyrie Silhouette

This versatile player has dabbled into the realm of solo players and gankers quite a bit in the past, but during 2011, he established himself as the best North American carry player, pushing the likes of Nick 'AngryTestie' Perentesis, Jaehyung 'chu' Park, and Brendan 'se'busca' Taveirne out of the competition.

Infamous for his self-confidence, he was the one to introduce Aluna to the competitive scene with great success while he was in [SK], during the first half of the year.

Australia [coL][fray] Trent 'sLiCKz' Tucker

Specialty: Soulstealer ForsakenArcher DR

Unanimously considered to be the best Australian player, 'sLiCKz' not only performed outstandingly in online events under an impossible ping disadvantage during his [coL] days, but he was also the main factor in [fray]'s success at Dreamhack Winter later in the year.

Being one of the few carry players that highly rates Forsaken Archer, he managed to disprove many doubters of this hero with his performances both on home soil and in international events, and is also renowned for his Doctor Repulsor and Soulstealer.

Sweden [OK] Jonathan 'Loda' Berg

Specialty: Electrician FB Chronos

The legendary Swedish DotA player has been doubted by many during his first year in HoN, but managed to prove his worth to the community during 2011. His string of great performances at the NASL Finals were what was missing for [OK] to be able to finally grab a podium finish on a LAN this past year.

Known to prefer DotA carries, like Flint and Chronos, over HoN ones, he was also one of the first to play Electrician in a competitive environment consistently.

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